10 Importants Things That Women want from Men

Women play a very key role in our life, right?

Imagine a world without women, how it would be….

Strangest of the strange isn’t it…… so here are some basic needs that an woman want from men.

  1. Always listen to her while she speaks because it shows respect as well as care for her. If you respect your partner you will also get the same.
  2. Never lie to your woman coz it’s the worst of the worst thing and she hates that “lying”. Generally woman expects that her partner should tell the truth and as per my knowledge women normally lie less in comparison to men. Men are crafty by birth.
  3. Women love when men say about things. So try to communicate with her. If you avoid her the only thing that would happen is you will hurt yourself if you really love her.
  4. The most common behavior of man when he is in love with a woman is his possessiveness. Women hate possessiveness. Woman may mostly want his protection but not his possession. You cannot force you woman for doing thing that she don’t want to. If you do so do stop it coz your relation is in danger. Who would like to be under someone. Would you??
  5. Cook once in a blue moon. Cooking makes woman happy. If you cook for her once, what would happen! You would not feel ashamed that you are doing things that is usually done by women.
  6. Men can predict better. So on occasions, use you prediction and give her surprises. And who doesn’t love surprises!
  7. Try to share your daily doings. By doing so you will get issues to talk and moreover you will obtain the same.
  8. When women make mistakes, try to act cool and try to solve the problem. Instead of scolding or quarrelling try to make her understand as in general women need more time to understand something.
  9. Sometimes taking break from a work and visiting some beautiful places make women happy. And most women don’t like Rash driving and this is truly uncool and it even  it doesn’t show your machoism.
  10. Sometomes say “I Love You” Girls love when you show care. That makes them feel that they are the luckiest of all.

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10 Importants Things That Women want from Men

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