16 year old boy from Assam injured himself playing Blue Whale game

A 16 years old boy from Guwahati, Narengi were admitted to Guwahati Medical College Hospital yesterday after he injured himself playing the deadly blue whale game.  Marks of the tasks given in the game were said to be found on his body while he was admitted.

The Blue Whale Game on the other hand is said to be a deadly game developed in Russia which has taken a lives of over a 100 teens earlier.

The game consist of a list of 50 challenges which is to be performed within a period of 50 days.  One task each day.  The player should draw a tattoo like structure of a big whale on his body part by part for 50 days and post selfies on the app.  The tattoo gets completed on the 50th day and the player commits suicide.

The Blue Whale app could not be found on app stores rather it is said to be messaged in private chats in the social media platforms.

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16 year old boy from Assam injured himself playing Blue Whale game

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