About Us

About Us

About Assam is an online guide formed on 12-12-12 i.e, on 12th of December 2012. AboutAssam.in is developed with the main motive of providing online help to the peoples of Assam or anyone who want to get any details of Assam. About Assam is your first and free online guide which let you know and explore any necessary information from Assam.

As we all know that India is the second largest country with the highest number of internet users. A person uses the internet to find out details about the local businesses, to make friends, to explore the world, to find information about places, to find matrimony, to find jobs, to watch movies, for research purposes, to watch movies and videos, etc. The famous state Assam, India is also becoming popular now days for its tea cultivation, muga and silk products, etc. Therefore it is very necessary to build an online portal/guide of Assam which can help people to find out necessary information about Assam may be to a small extent.

Assam is small state with very less industrial and digital development. We may find a lot of websites containing information about the state but to a limited extent. Therefore it is very difficult to get adequate information about the state, may be about the historical places of the state or may be about the local brands or businesses of the state.

With the main motive of exploring Assam globally Aboutassam.in is developed. About Assam has been developed by one of the popular internet marketers and web promoter of Assam, Paban Jyoti Bhuyan. Mr. Bhuyan owned two other popular websites viz. Bigcommercestation.com and Palsvillage.com. This time Mr. Bhuyan is in a mission to bring out the talents and resources of Assam, globally.

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