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There is no cost of joining. As mentioned earlier, these online jobs are absolutely free to join.

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How to get started?

There are two ways to get started.

  • The first job is to collect data from the market which can be students’ data, businessmen’s data, all persons using two wheelers or four wheelers and so on. There will be a format according to which you need to collect and arrange the data.
  • The second job is to write articles on various topics such as technology and gadgets, news and events, natural calamity and disaster, life history of celebrities, etc.

To join, mail us your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NO, AGE, GENDER, PROFESSION and a brief about yourself to

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Here are the top web design companies in Guwahati Assam:

  1. India Web Designs (
  2. Assam Hosting (
  3. Tech Brandz (

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Potential Coaching Institute creates the right environment for the students. Meeting fellow aspirants at the institutes can be a great confidence booster. Though self study is essential, preparing without being in touch with the rest of the world may prove to be a huge drawback. It helps to interact and network with like-minded people. Discussing relevant topics and exam trends might help you gain insights which otherwise you might have been bereft of. Sharing knowledge always helps— don’t think everyone around you is your competitor.

Coaching classes in Potential do come with a set of advantages, especially when it comes to preparing for the competitive exams. Proper guidance is vital. We have experienced and qualified Faculties, who have been in the teaching long enough to understand and analyze test patterns and identify the need of the day. Their responsibility does not end with just teaching the curriculum. They provide relevant, exam-oriented suggestions, notes and handouts, which help students utilize their time optimally. Our Faculties also give you the scope to clarify your doubts.

Competitive entrance exams such as AIPMT/JEE-MAINS undergo frequent pattern changes… sometimes as frequent as every year. The objective is to surprise the takers. Under such circumstances, it makes sense to attach oneself to a coaching centre, since we prepare one to face the varying patterns with ease through well-designed mock tests and the guidance of expert faculty. Mock tests taken here in Potential Coaching Institute are very helpful as you can assess yourself. These tests can give ample practice as they teach you to respond promptly to tricky questions and manage speed and time.

Potential Coaching’s Key Features :-

1.         Quality Education

2.         Excellent Faculty

3.         Best result.

4.         Best Study Module.

5.         Detail analysis of each chapter.

6.         Individual Attention to each Student.

7.         Doubt Clearing session.

8.         AITS for both 11th and 12th studying/ 12th passed students.

9.         Teaching strategies.

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Website 2 2014


Perception focuses on enabling the students to crack the IIT-JEE, the AIPMT and the AITS (All India Test Series) as well as the other national-level examinations.

Perception concentrates on clearing the basics of the subjects concerned in the minds of the students.

The strategy is not to skip any topic of discussion.

The total endeavor of the Perception faculty members is to enable the students to correctly solve the most within the shortest of timeframe.

The tips and tricks offered by the faculty members to the students are its trademark.

The ultimate lookout is to make the students confident by removing the exam phobia from their minds and hearts.

The doubt clearing sessions and the minor tests held every alternate Sundays followed by a major one at the end of each month are conducted on the lessons taught.



At Perception, we have an innovative result-oriented time tested approach of resolving the most critical and toughest of questions in the most viably time-saving cool manner.

Our faculties are adept at rendering the tips and tricks to correctly solve the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) much before the deadline. This is done though individual mentoring and intensive as well as extensive on-hand class tests through the DPPS (Daily Problem Practice Sheets). As a consequence thereof, the Perception candidates are able to avail of at least 15 minutes of revision session towards the end of the examination time.



Let’s start from the basics:

Well, the entire exercise commences from the seventh or eighth standard in school. For instance, it is at the Seventh or Eighth standard that we first come to know about ‘Biology’ as a separate study from ‘General Science’.



Moreover, the strategy to crack the national-level All India Test Series (AITS) as well as the IIT-JEE (Mains and Advanced) and the AIPMT (Medical) revolves around a two-fold strategy, viz., First: knowing and identification of the basic concepts; and finally the application of those ideas in a varied of situations.



To be able to do so, one must have the aptitude to focus on the issue on hand, and find the most probable or correctly answer to solve the MCQs.



Hence it is that an aspirant for the aforementioned professional courses requires going through both intensive preparations and extensive preparations. Once a student understands this approach, the understanding of such a combined approach will be the need of the hour. For intensive studies, foolproof knowledge and understanding of the concepts is needed. Believe me, to be successful in this aspect you need to be regular with your day-to-day chapters. Next, get to know and apply the tips and tricks to select the most correct answer.




The fact is there is little scope for you go for lottery, simply because there is negative marking in the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). On the other hand, you can’t leave any query unanswered as just a 0.1 difference of marking may leave you stranded at a hopeless point. In other words, between your roll number and the next there might be whole lot of competing candidates.

But there is definitely the scope of intelligent guessing by eliminating the unlikely options. This sieving-out strategy can be of help surely as the most desperate alternative!



Let’s try to understand the above concept with the means of the following example. The second hand on our watch would die of heart attack if it thinks of the number of times it would have to tick around its orbit within 24 hours: 24 x 60 = 1440 rounds in 24 hours or a day; and 52,5600 rounds within a year or 365 days. But, the second hand always keeps on moving concentrating on only one move at a time. That’s the way to study!

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Hello dear student! Welcome to Assam’s one of the most popular websites for getting news on current events, student zone, movie collections, reviews and ratings of movies as well as local businesses etc. If you have arrived on this page to check your HSLC Result, 2013; you have arrived at the right platform. Checking your HSLC results / Matric results / Class 10 results for SEBA students at About Assam is too easy and simple. Simply follow these simple steps to check out your Matric results, 2013. If you find and trouble / disturbance in checking your Matric results at About Assam simply fill u the comment box below and we shall help you to get your results.


Four Easy Steps To Get Your HSLC Results

Step 1 : Find your Roll from your HSLC Admit card and enter it in the field below.

Step 2 :  Find your No from your Admit card and enter the same in the box below.

Step 3 :  Click On Submit

Steps 4 : Boom!!!! Your results are out.


You shall get a new page after clicking on the submit button where you can find your name, Roll No in the first line. In the second line you can find your Division (eg. First Division, Second Division, Third Division) , Total Marks and the name of the subjects where you have secured 80 marks or more (Letter Subjects). If you can’t find your name and roll no after clicking on submit, you have entered a wrong Roll and No. Correct these details and you shall get your results within a fraction of a second.


You may face a temporary disturbance of  page load errors due to high traffic loading at the same time. Anyway keep on trying and you shall get your results soon.



Moreover matric results 2013 will be declared on 10 of May 2013. Therefore we request you the check your results on the 10th of May 2013 or later as you may face some errors prior to this date.



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holi in assam

This is how people of Assam celebrates holi on the second day with mud.

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We need 4 website designers from any part of the North Eastern Region Of India.  Expected Salary = Rs 10,000 Per Month.

Website Designing is a high demanded profession in today’s world. Ever organization whether new or established ones, design a website for their online presence. Not only this a website is also one of the most powerful media of advertising in this digital world. Therefore the scope of website designing companies and website designers are always increasing day by day.

India Web Designs ( a platform for high quality web hosting services along with dynamic web arts, carrying out its operation in entire India including several foreign countries. There are four posts available in this organization for website designers.


Job Title: Website Designing

Experience: 0-2 Years

Must Know: Photoshop, HTML

To apply please contact at 9508389792 or simply drop a mail at

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In my last post I have discussed about the top 3 coaching institutes in Guwahati for IIT JEE coaching. Today in this post I am going to write a few lines in my review about Perception. For the last few weeks, I have been hearing about a new coaching institute in Guwahati called as Perception. Few days ago I wrote a simple review about the best coaching institutes in Guwahati and I saw many people of Guwahati had taken active participation in the discussion. For someone Perception Coaching Institute in Guwahati is the best one and for the rest other institutions are good. But here in this post, as per the request of several students of Guwahati, I have expressed my opinion about the new coaching institution in Guwahati, call Perception. Moreover, let me declare that, the facts that I have published in my opinion is completely based on the matters and facts I had found while visiting Perception’s Official website

Experienced Faculty:

The main aim of the coaching institute, Perception is imparting knowledge in Assam in the field of Engineering. Perception is best for the students who want to crack the engineering examinations like IIT, JEE, etc. Perception is aiming at fulfilling the dreams of their students, which is a good line that I have ever noticed in the portals or websites of such coaching institutions. Tough Perception is very new but I can see the faculty that they have brought to impart education to their students. Along with all the people I also believe that teachers play a great role in explaining the concepts, make things memorable, establishing relationship between two factors or explaining the toughest theory of Science.Perception did not employ Freshers for teaching the students.  On their website I have found that they have the best faculty members for IIT, JEE coachings with years of experience in this field.

Healthy Teacher-Student Relationship:

IIT Coaching Institute in GuwahatiPerception makes one important provision to maintain a healthy relationship with the students and the teachers.

Teacher-Parents Relationship:

When I was at school I used to score 85-92% marks in the examinations but after crossing my 10th standard my rankings got down and a certain drop in the percentage of marks could be seen. For me during that period, the faculty of my college stopped participating with my parents to discuss my weaknesses or else for my better improvement and neither do my parents. I learned that, Teacher-Parents relationship is very compulsory in every step of our life during the study days. Perception takes the measure to build a healthy relationship with parents too. Most important thing that every parent should know is that Perception introduces biometric fingerprint attendance system and immediate sms notification of the attendance will be sent to the parents.

Advanced Digital Boards:

If you were a scientist or an engineer and if I ask you to explain the concept of  TWIN PLANET as seen on the Hollywood movie “UPSIDE DOWN” you would know how difficult it is to establish that relationship orally. It is not possible to establish that relationship on a sheet of paper drawing 1D or 2D images. But 3D images work great. That’s what Perception implements in explaining the toughest illusion in forms of animation modules to understand it better and make it easy to remember. There is a lot more to come !

Well, that’s enough for today, if I get more requests to publish more features of Perception Coaching Institute Guwahati, I shall post it here. Help me by sharing this article on Facebook.




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Source: The Assam Tribune, 15th March 2013, Page 6

Article Written by Mr. Abhijit Dutta (CEO) , Concept Educations

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Hello guys. This is Kaustav from Guwahati. While browsing the web I have found this website where it contains a lot of information about the state. I would like to add a few lines about the best coaching institute in Guwahati, for the students planning to appear in the IIT, JEE exams during the upcoming years. Here is the list of some institutions which I think are best for IIT, JEE, AIEEE exams:

1. Perception Coaching Institute Guwahati:

Perception, one of the best coaching institutes that I have found in Guwahati for IIT JEE coachings. The coaching institute is very well infrastructure with highly digital technologies and most importantly it has the most experienced faculty in entire Guwahati. According to me, for the students of Guwahati who want to crack the competitive examinations like IIT, JEE, etc. must be admitted to this institution to flourish their minds with the most innovative concepts. (website:

2. Potential Coaching Institute Guwahati :

Potential Coaching Institute is becoming the most preferred coaching institute among the JEE and Medical aspirants now-a-days. Students are very happy with the teaching faculty and they have said that students are not pressurized & the faculties are friendly here & they clear each & every doubt. (website: Read a complete review about Potential here.

3. Concept Education:

Concept education in Guwahati is another important coaching institute with years of experience. But as far I know the teaching faculty of the institute is now too weak to clear the doubts of the students. The only cause behind this is that most of the experienced teachers of these institutions are no more associated with Concept Education Guwahati. The worst thing about the institution is that it misses some good qualities that every student want from them. One of my friends studying in Concept told me that the institution is no more helpful to the students as the teaching faculty of the coaching center is too weak.

I shall keep updating you about the best practices and tips on cracking IIT, JEE. Be sure to share my article on Facebook so that your friends can get the most updated information about the best coaching centers in Guwahati. Please share your opinion about the topic.

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Without giving your full efforts to anything in your life, you can’t justify your strengths and weakness….Everybody lacks Something in life….Nobody is populated with EACH and every quality, a man should have? Are really think like this…..So Come forward, give upper hand to us…we will TRY to pull YOU for more details log on or e-mail (Id no. 004)

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India Web Designs offer you the best website designing and web hosting solution in Assam. India Web Designs is one of the leading website designing platform in entire Assam. With its highly advanced technology and methodology of web design, India Web Designs helps you to create your entity online and building up your business reputation which may also be called ‘BRAND‘.

There are innumerable features which you get with a website designed by India Web Designs but the best amongst them are as follows:

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Website Designing is one of the most reputed occupations nowadays where you have the skill to earn money as much you want. The more experience you gather in the field of website designing, more salary you can expect from your employer. In Assam the scope of website designing is not too wide though however some of the bigger platforms providing free online jobs and business opportunities can help you to explore your website designing talents and earn money from home.


With the help of this post on About AssamFree Online Portal we want to announce that our firm India Web Designs needs three experienced or may be fresh website designers to work in a full time basis with our business. We are looking for some persons (website designers) from any part of Assam.

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Our parents taught us to love them, to love our relatives-friends and neighbors, to love our home country as well. We did the same, we were proud of our India. We proudly say “Hamara Bharat Mahan”. India is the seventh largest country in the world by area, 2nd populous country in the world and most democratic country in the world. But we are very ashamed of some situations that took place in this MAHAN BHARAT. 23 years young girl died today in Singapore. 

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January 1 or the New Year’s Day according to  the Gregorian calendar is one of the most popular occasions in Indian including the North Eastern States like Assam. In this occasion almost all the people of Assam, gather together with their friends, family and relatives to enjoy this auspicious day. On this New years Day all the amusement parks of Assam, Movie Theaters of Assam, Night Clubs and pubs of Assam, are filled up with people of all ages.

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Earn upto Rs 9000 per month by doing simple online jobs. These jobs are easy as well as interesting which are 100% genuine and...