Joymoti: The beginning of an era | A Story By Debojit Das

The twentieth century was the century, which occupied India through the film making process. The second decade of this century, India produced its first telefilm ever and it is directed by Dada Saheb Phalke. The movie released on 21st April 1913.

After twenty years, the same thing occurred in Assam. The revolution was brought by Jyotiprasad Agarwal for his motherland. The Assam film industry known as ‘Jollywood’, which is named after him. He was not only a director, but also a lyricist. He composed many songs. His songs are known as ‘Jyoti Sangeet’.

At that time, where the women were not allowed for acting. It was considered as crime by the society. That was a huge challenge for Agarwal. He could realize the situation, but he was a healthy stubborn. He did not worry about how the other people react. Therefore, Agarwal travelled so many places of Assam to find a suitable young lady for his upcoming film ‘Joymoti’. He took his own vehicle and interestingly, he kept its name as “Suali Suror Gari”. This name astonished the people. They were getting aware and afraid for this. Finally, Agarwal got an young lady for his project and the lady was our respectable Aideu Handique. Agarwal crossed many hurdles to make his project came into success. Aideu Handique was introduced as protagonist as Joymoti in this film. The other characters were ‘Godapani’, ‘Dalimi’, ‘Gathi Hazarika’ etc. The film, based on the story of Laxminath Bezbaruah’s ‘Joymoti Kuwori’. The film released on 10th March 1935 in Kolkata’s Rounak hall.

Moreover, the first camera person of Assam was also introduced as Pratap Baruah from this movie. The popular songs “Luitore Pani Jabi O’ boi”, “More Bharotore More Sopunore” were introduced in this movie. The race began from 1935 and the pioneer was Jyotiprasad Agarwal. Later on, he worked for the second movie of Assam film industry which was ‘Indromaloti’ came in 1939. Hence, he would be worshipped forever for his respectable works for his nation. His work,s decipher his love for Assam and its existence.

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A Story By: Debojit Das

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Joymoti: The beginning of an era | A Story By Debojit Das

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