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Latest Collection Of Himmatwala on Tuesday

Tuesday’s Collection Of Himmatwala will be even poorer than what it had collected during the first four days. On fifth (5th) day it is estimated that the movie Himmatwala shall earn around 3-4 crore rupees of collection from the domestic

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Monday Collection Of Himmatwala | Updated Collection Report

Himmatwala’s business is almost finished. After getting the collection report of the movie on last Monday it can be said that Himmatwala will not succeed to collect 100 crore rupees of collection in its entire lifetime. The total collection of

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Sunday’s Collection Of Himmatwala | Latest Collection Of Himmatwala on Monday

Net collection of Himmatwala on First (1st) Sunday was Rs 10.50 crores. It was expected that Himmatwala will be one the best Blockbuster movies of the year 2013 but after generating a net collection of only 10.50 crore rupees on

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Net Collection Of Himmatwala on 1st (First) Sunday | Updated

Greatest news about the biggest hit of the month “Himmatwala“. The Bollywood movie Himmatwala had already collected Rs 23 crores during the first two days. On the opening day itself Himmatwala had earned Rs 12 crores and on the second

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